Why a Professional Restoration Company is the Only Way to Go After a Disaster

Both natural and man-made disasters can damage a commercial building. Dangers lurk in every corner of a damaged building. Even if your building does not sustain heavy damage after a disaster, it may still be […]

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Protection Tips for Fire Damage Restoration

Even after installing fire extinguishers and taking all the precautions to avert a fire, nobody can ever be mentally prepared for what comes with fire. A fire can begin in a mere second and engulf […]

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Fire Damage Restoration Steps for Restoring a Property

Fire breakouts in residential and commercial properties are not uncommon. There are various reasons which might contribute to fire breakouts. Electrical wiring in the setup can be faulty, electrical appliances that are installed might cause […]

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Things To Do After a House Fire

House fire is something that many homeowners do not often think about. However, it can and does happen frequently. Studies show that every 24 seconds, a fire department in the country responds to a fire. […]

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How To Ensure Fire Safety For Your Home This Summer

A study estimates that fires resulted in around $26 billion in property loss last year. From unattended electrical devices to malfunctioning cooking equipment, there are several fire hazards in a typical U.S. home. Additionally, California […]