COVID-19 Cleaning & Decontamination Services: What to Know Before Reopening Your Business Banner

COVID-19 Cleaning & Decontamination Services: What to Know Before Reopening Your Business

As the rate of new coronavirus cases declines in the U.S., many states are reopening. Businesses have been allowed to resume operations. As a business owner, you cannot afford to let your guard down. Before you reopen your business, have it deep cleaned and decontaminated by professionals.

Do you believe good old soap can kill viruses, bacteria, and other microbes on different surfaces? Think again! Many microbes have developed resistance to soap. You do not want to expose your employees to harmful viruses and bacteria.

At West Coast Fire & Water, we share the safety concerns of businesses. As a leading COVID cleaning company in Marin County, we are committed to helping business owners and other stakeholders steer clear of health risks. Before you reopen your business, our decontamination team will deep clean different areas and surfaces.

How Can We Help

As a customer-driven business, we are happy to help businesses in any way we can. Our priority right now is assisting businesses resume operations safely and swiftly. Our team goes above and beyond, if required, to support businesses.

  • Deep Cleaning and Decontamination: We will deep clean restrooms, entryways, conference rooms, and open carpet areas. A team will thoroughly clean frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as doorknobs, handrails, desks, chairs, and production equipment.
  • Strategy Formulation: We will help you develop a strategy to prevent and respond to contamination risks in the workplace.
  • Consultation: We will educate your employees on best practices and how they can prevent cross-contamination.

Things Business Owners Must Know Before Reopening Their Businesses

  • Many states have allowed businesses to resume operations. This, however, does not mean the virus no longer poses a threat.
  • The OSHA requires businesses to create a working environment free from hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.
  • Businesses that use respirators must comply with OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standards. They must follow guidelines to provide safe, healthy environments for their employees.
  • High-touch areas (especially in spaces that are accessible to customers) must be cleaned regularly in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Social distancing norms must be strictly followed in workplaces. Many businesses may be required to limit the number of patrons.
  • Employers must close common areas and regularly deep clean workspaces.
  • Employers who fail to comply with protocols will be held liable if an employee tests positive due to exposure in the workplace.
  • The ADA does not classify illness caused due to exposure to the coronavirus as a disability, which means employers are not legally required to provide affected employees with accommodation; however if an employee has a disability or underlying condition that increases their risk, the employer must arrange for their accommodation.
  • There is a three-phase plan to reopen America – gyms, large venues, and offices will reopen first. In phase two, schools and bars will be allowed to reopen. In the final stage, elderly high-risk groups will be allowed to resume public interactions.

Have a System in Place for Monitoring Symptoms in Employees

There are two main methods for monitoring symptoms in employees:

  • Temperature Checks at Entrances: Station an employee (can be your security guard or someone from the housecleaning team) with a touchless thermometer to take temperatures of people entering the premises.
  • Self-checks: Every employee should check themselves for symptoms before reporting to work every day. If an employee notices any symptoms, they must immediately inform their supervisor.

The West Coast Fire & Water Edge

Many businesses trust us to deep clean their buildings thoroughly. We go above and beyond the call of duty, if required, to uphold the trust placed in us. We have developed in-house guidelines and protocols to deep clean buildings without adversely impacting the environment and compromising on safety.

  • Preventive and Decontamination Services at Your Fingertips: Whether you think your facility has been contaminated or have reasons to believe that it is a high-risk building, we have got you covered. We have developed comprehensive protocols and procedures to deep clean buildings and reduce risks of cross-contamination in facilities.
  • State-of-the-art Technology: We use a ULV fogging method on all surfaces below eight feet. We equip our technicians with the latest equipment. Every technician is provided with personal protection equipment.
  • Comprehensive Safety and Material Handling Protocols: We have developed guidelines on using cleaning equipment safely. We are a responsible COVID cleaning company serving Marin County. We use eco-friendly EPA-registered disinfectants.
  • Well-Trained and Motivated Workforce: Our team comprises skilled technicians. We regularly conduct training workshops. Our technicians share our passion for customer service.
  • Low Turnaround Time: We are committed to helping businesses resume operations swiftly. Decontaminated areas can be safely occupied after 30 minutes.

Benefits of Office Deep Cleaning

There are more benefits of office deep cleaning than many business owners realize. Normal cleaning removes germs living inaccessible areas, but what about microbes hiding in hard-to-reach areas? Deep cleaning eliminates them too.

We use the latest equipment designed to access hard-to-reach surfaces and spots. Our powerful disinfectants kill different types of harmful microbes without negatively impacting the environment.

Normal cleaning will eliminate some bacteria and viruses, but is that enough? You do not want your employees to continuously worry about their safety. As an employer, it is your responsibility to create a safe work environment for your employees.

COVID-19 can spread rapidly. If even a single employee touches a contaminated surface and becomes infected, they can pass the infection to their colleagues, family members, and anyone else who comes in their contact. We have our clients’ best interests at heart. Let us help you mitigate COVID-19 risks. To hire our services at West Coast Fire & Water, call us at 415-417-0483.