The West Coast Fire & Water team is committed to helping property owners get moving quickly after a disaster. We are one of the most trusted property restoration companies in Mendocino County. Every professional on our team has a proven track record of success.

We have been working tirelessly to help homes and businesses in Mendocino County recover after disasters. Our experts use time-tested methods and specialized equipment designed to help repair and decontaminate damaged and contaminated buildings effectively.

How Disasters Affect Homes and Businesses

The troubles of a property owner do not end after floodwater recedes or a fire engulfing their property has been controlled.

A flood or a fire can affect your property in several different ways. In addition to causing structural damage, a flood or fire can create unhygienic and unsanitary conditions in your property.

If your property was involved in a crime scene, anyone who comes to your property to visit can come in contact with bloodborne pathogens. If the person infects other people and infections are traced back to you, your reputation can quickly take a hit.

How West Coast Fire & Water can Help

The West Coast Fire & Water team consists of subject-matter experts. Every professional on our team has years of experience restoring water, storm, and fire-damaged properties. Our biohazard cleaning experts use time-tested techniques to thoroughly decontaminate buildings. In addition, our mold remediation specialists use tried and tested mold remediation techniques to eliminate mold and stop it from coming back.

We are committed to reducing losses due to fire, storm, and water damage. One of the first things our professionals do after a fire or flood is to identify salvageable materials in the property and safely dispose of damaged items.

Time is of the essence when it comes to fire and storm damage restoration. We move swiftly to dry out flooded areas. Our teams use powerful sump pumps, powerful industrial dehumidifiers, and industrial fans designed to get the air moving.

To get in contact with our team in Mendocino County, please call us at 707-462-5326.