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Choosing a Smoke/Fire Restoration Company for Contents Loss

For metropolitan areas such as Sacramento, any type of fire – wildfire, cooking accident, furniture or clothing too close to a heat source – can have a major impact on a neighborhood. Depending on the size of a fire, smoke damage repair can be necessary for a few houses down the street. You may even find yourself in need of a whole new wardrobe and furnishings after your home has had fire or smoke damage…or do you?

The Benefits of Hiring a Restoration Company

Attempting this type of cleaning yourself can not only be time consuming but expensive if not done properly. Replacing everything can also be expensive; not many are aware, but contents cleaning is typically covered in your homeowners insurance should you experience a fire and your claim is covered. Most insurance companies would rather pay the restoration cost because it is less of a financial burden. The quicker this process can be completed, the sooner you can have access to your most treasured and valued possessions, restored and ready for use.

Why Choose West Coast Fire & Water

Remaining in your home after extensive smoke and fire damage is not recommended due to safety concerns. Smoke damage not only involves unpleasant odors but toxic particulate matter and soot that settles into your lungs. The spread of soot can further damage your home and its contents. There may be water damage if firefighting efforts were used, which adds another layer of complication. Your home, as well as your belongings – clothing, furniture, books, electronics and even artwork – should be professionally assessed and restored as soon as possible after smoke and fire damage. West Coast Fire & Water is able to provide water, fire and smoke damage restoration services and strives to keep you informed throughout the entire process. We also respond 24/7 to emergency water and fire damage disasters because we want to help you get your home back to life as soon as possible. Call us now at 916-945-9665