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Tips for Getting Rid of Mold After Water Damage

One of the most annoying effects of water damage is the mold and mildew that happily grows in the moist environment, damaging your property, causing unpleasant odors and, with some species, even presenting serious health […]

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Steps You Can Take to Reduce Water Damage Before the Professionals in Santa Rosa Arrive

Water damage is devastating, whatever the cause and extent of it. Professionals, such as the West Coast Fire & Water team in Santa Rosa, are capable of doing an incredible job that will make it […]

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3 Common Causes of Home House Fires and How to Prevent Them

As much as we love performing complete fire restoration in Marin County and bringing a home back to pristine condition after it has been damaged by fire, it would, of course, be better if the […]

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When Should You Call Emergency Home Restoration Specialists in Sonoma County?

The damage done by fire or water can be devastating – and it moves incredibly quickly. Most of the time the West Coast Fire & Water salvage team will only be called to a scene […]