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Cleaning Inside Your Car to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Sanitizing the inside of your car without damaging the interior starts with soap. The actual type of soap doesn’t matter. Any household brand will actually do the trick according to Car and Driver Magazine.

“A simple soap scrub will annihilate any viruses in your car, and soap is unlikely to degrade your Interior surfaces the way many cleaners can,” Car and Driver said. “Scrubbing your hands for 20 seconds applies here, too. You can’t just move some soap around and then rinse It off. Soap needs time to surround and break down the virus.”

Additionally, Kelly Blue Book stated that hand sanitizer, as well as disinfecting wipes, are safe to use on your vehicle’s surfaces. If your car has a leather interior, it is highly recommended to use a leather cleaner after cleansing and drying to help protect the integrity of the leather. And using a Microfiber cloth on touch screens or glass surfaces.

Whatever you do, do NOT use bleach in your vehicle. While it will kill the virus, it will severely damage the materials that it comes in contact with. Using bleach a cleaner can result in costly repairs and replacements that could have otherwise been avoided.

Focusing on high touch areas is also key in stopping the spread of the virus. Armrests, display screens, cup holders, door handles are hot zones for focusing on cleaning thoroughly. But most importantly, is the steering wheel.

“We suggest spending extra time on the steering wheel. The steering wheel has four times the amount of germs found on an average toilet seat, thanks to all the cracks and crevices on the rim and spokes”

-Market Watch

It’s also highly advised to wash your hands before and after you detail your vehicle. If you clean the steering wheel but have dirty hands, all you’re doing is putting that dirt and grime directly back on it.

Car Rentals did a recent survey that showed nearly a third of people only clean their car once a year, and another 12% never do it.

So, it goes to show just how important it is to keep the inside of your vehicle clean. Everywhere that you go you bring a little bit back with you and leave it in your car.

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