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Commercial Biohazard Crime Scene Cleaning – Who is Responsible?

If you have a business and a crime has taken place on your property, some cleanup may need to occur. Hiring a Marin County biohazard crime scene cleanup company is the best way to go for many reasons. With a relatively high population in our area, crime scene cleaning is more likely. It may be assumed by some that law enforcement has a team set aside to clean certain crime scenes, such as drug paraphernalia or bodily fluids. Unfortunately, law enforcement does not assume this responsibility. The responsibility is on you, the property owner.

Did You Know?

Thankfully, there is a plan already put into place to clean up and remove biohazards, no matter the size or circumstances. You may not be aware, but West Coast Fire & Water has handled hundreds of biohazard cleaning situations, whether or not they’re crime related. It can be a sensitive subject because many biohazards include death, hoarding, or drug use which all evoke strong emotions that are hard to process.

The Importance of Professional HelpĀ 

You may also be able to file an insurance claim because biohazard cleaning can be very extensive. Most insurance policies cover this type of cleaning, which is helpful, but the potential cost should not prevent you from seeking professional biohazard removal help. This is not the time to experiment with a DIY project because the wrong mishap at the right time can mean potential illness, infection and delay of your business operation. If a biohazard scene sits too long, cleanup may be more difficult and odors will linger. Making a phone call to a local professional company is one of the best decisions you can make!

West Coast Fire & Water is here to help with blood cleanup and removal, proper disposal of affected materials and decontamination protocols. To provide an extra layer of safety, we prepare as if any hazard is infected. This method ensures the safety of our technicians, as well as you and your employees or organization. Call us today to inquire about biohazard clean up!