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Contents Restoration For Your Sacramento Home

When you hear “restoration”, what comes to mind? Home improvements, carpet pulled back, exposed walls, boxed contents that have been superiorly cleaned and made new again? Wait, what? That’s right, contents too?!

When we provide restoration services for homes in the Sacramento area, our team provides a treatment plan for your structure as well as your belongings. Most water and fire projects involve cleaning contents due to the nature of the damage. Water is soaked up into materials and those materials must be properly dried to prevent mold or disintegration. Fire and smoke damaged items need to be either remediated or replaced; we strive to restore as much as possible but you can only do so much. Smoke damage typically requires a specific wipe down process and using the correct products, as well as equipment to support the smoke removal process.

This sounds intimidating; you may think: I have a lot of stuff, where do we even begin?

Don’t worry, we have a process and we can help!

First, an inspection of your entire home is not only required but necessary so we can gather the entire scope of work needed to restore your home and belongings to top quality. We need to know how many crews to have, how much equipment, how much product and how much time we may need to spend thoroughly engaged in the restoration process. We also dedicate an entire crew or set of crews that specifically handle contents so there’s no confusion.

Second, we inventory everything. If you’re contacting us for services, you’ve already been through enough. The last thing we want is to discover something that belongs to you is now lost.

Next, we carefully pack items into boxes and label the outside of each box. We also notate from which room the contents originated. This process makes the pack back easier, as well as reviewing our inventory if we need to locate an item. Any items that cannot be repaired through our processes, we either send to a specific restoration company (such as art or electronic restoration) or we note as a total loss. Sometimes, this happens and while it’s unfortunate, this documentation really helps if you have an insurance claim. Most homeowners insurance companies offer contents insurance so you can get items repaired, replaced or paid out for the value of those items. Check your insurance policy for more information.

Then, we take your belongings off site to be properly inspected, cleaned and stored. The storage process is temperature controlled in a labeled vault so we keep your items from getting mixed up with another project. Your contents are usually stored in our facility until your home restoration project is finished.

Lastly, we pack back the items to your finished home or any new location where you are residing.

Getting started right away in restoration of your contents is incredibly important because we hope to help minimize the damage as much as possible. Whether it’s water or fire, we do everything we can to make the damage like it never happened. Our team is ready to go; your contents are a big deal to you so they’re a big deal to us!