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How do I prevent mold damage in my home?

The number one cause of mold damage in Mendocino County, especially on the coast, is moisture – and moisture likes to party. The slightest bit of mold growth can multiply overnight, depending on the moisture level of the environment. Once water collects in floors or very small crevices throughout a home, it travels looking for trouble!

There are many ways you can minimize moisture and mold damage in your home. Here are a few tips to get started.

Install attic ventilation

Attic ventilation fans drive hot air away from your home to prevent heat buildup in your living spaces. This feature is especially needed during hot summers. Inspect your attic fan on a regular basis. Not only can it prevent too much heat buildup, but also moisture on your structure, insulation and your stored contents. If you are a renter, review your renters insurance policy and make sure it’s up to date in case a mishap affects your belongings. The preparation can save you from significant financial strain.

Move your furniture!

The worst mold that can grow is mold hidden behind walls, in jammed closets, and behind furniture. Who looks in their walls or back of their closets these days? Regular inspection of closets and behind furniture can not only allow air flow to these stagnant areas, but keep you informed of any mold growth that needs to be immediately addressed.

Clean your gutters and roof

Debris that is left behind in these areas collect water, which may cause mold damage to your shingles and outside of your home. Monitor your ceilings for signs of roof leaks which can include water stains, discolored walls and peeling paint.

If you find mold during any sort of home inspection or home improvement project, give us a call immediately. Don’t let it grow on you! We can perform an inspection and give you the full scope of work needed to make your coastal home stunning and mold free again.


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