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How to Determine the Right Company for the Job

When you experience a water, fire, mold, or biohazard issue in your home or business it’s so important to bring in a qualified team to address the situation. Most of us will hop on google and look for the top listed companies, but beware of blindly assuming that those companies are best suited to help you in your time of need.

Now, as with any emergency getting assistance quickly is vital, but a rash decision could make matters worse. Take a few moments to do a little research. Being listed first doesn’t always mean that they are the most qualified, top-rated, or the best fit for you. Is it a nationwide company that has set standards and practices but doesn’t necessarily apply to your local area? When you call will you be directed to a call center in the middle of who knows where then dispatched out to a more local office making communication difficult? Is their certification to treat your unique situation generalized to blanket more, causing lesser quality to their training? And have their interactions with past customers gone? These are some important questions to ask yourself when selecting an emergency mitigation company.

Most companies have links to their websites posted on Google, take a look at the content of their page. Does it look up to date? Read some of the material in regards to how they will handle your call.  The website of any well-established company should be comprehensive and easy to navigate.  giving you a clear and easily understandable view of them as a company and the services they offer.

Another thing to consider is your insurance. If you’ve narrowed down your potential mitigation company choices and decided to call a few, make sure to ask what insurance groups they work with. Some larger name companies are strictly contracted with specific companies and next to exclusively work with them. So choosing someone who has regular experience with numerous insurances will be very beneficial. It will also go to show that they are well versed and flexible in their billing and estimate structure.

Location. As previously mentioned, when you call, who and where are you talking with? Is it a direct line to your local team? Or is it a dispatch center someplace that knows nothing of our area? If you’re dealing with a company that has a direct line to a local office, it will help immensely in the communication throughout the entire process of mitigation. You can also be assured that when speaking to a member of your community, it will be much easier to explain details to. Knowing the local towns, geography, business, and nuances can make communication a breeze. Using a locally owned and operated company also helps to support your community.

So when you have a water, fire, mold, or biohazard emergency, remember West Coast Fire & Water is here, locally, with the team, the training, and the expertise to help you through it all.