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Northern California Homeowners – Conserve Water With This Reminder About Water Hoses!

You’ve just finished watering the garden early in the morning, it’s starting to get hot so you head inside the house because let’s face it, you live in Throughout California. You leave the water on but the hose nozzle is switched to off, so there should be no issues, right?


Like many homeowners, you may not have realized that leaving on the water during the winter or summer (or any time of year when you’re not using it) can lead to a higher water bill and a higher risk of damage. It’s often forgotten because the water is not rushing out of the hose once the nozzle is off – or so you’re led to believe. Let’s take a look in detail at the risks of leaving on your water hose:

Frozen or Broken Pipes

Whether you leave on the water or leave the hose attached to your outside faucet during the cold winter months, this act can cause the water pipes for your entire house to freeze or break, leaking water into your home and causing water damage. Water expands when it freezes and will make its way into your water lines. Since ice water is heavier than liquid water, there is little room for expansion so the pipes, joints and valves eventually break. This repair can be very costly if not handled right away!

Massive Water Bill and Damaged Yard

Hoses have a tendency to break down during the summer due to exposure to heat or being constantly bended or kinked. When a hose is left under pressure, the structure will weaken even more until it breaks. If you are not around to notice, water could be spewing out of your hose for hours or even days. Not only are you left with a muddy, soggy mess but if this water finds its way into your neighbors yard, there’s another bill to handle. If pressure builds up into your water pipes, either underground or within the structure of your home, you may not notice a leak for months until your local utility sends you a notice about the amount of water you’re using. California has been experiencing a drought for years, so any form of water conservation is strongly encouraged.

Flooded Crawlspaces and Basements

A flooded crawlspace is an unhappy crawlspace! Water that has flooded into your yard may leak downward into your basement or crawlspace. Mold damage will most certainly form due to the dark, damp atmosphere. If you’re not aware of of the flooding that has taken place, the damage could accrue for months before it’s cleaned up. This damage could ruin your flooring and weaken the structure of your home. If water leaks into a basement from a broken pipe or hose, any belongings or food pantry you have stored will most certainly become destroyed.

Overall, remembering to turn off the water supply to your hose instead of just turning off the nozzle could you save you a headache, as well as a precious resource. We get so busy during the summer with home and yard maintenance and vacations. One of the worst things that could happen is coming home to a ruined home, yard and expensive bill after we spent so much time and money making improvements.