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Protection Tips for Fire Damage Restoration

Even after installing fire extinguishers and taking all the precautions to avert a fire, nobody can ever be mentally prepared for what comes with fire. A fire can begin in a mere second and engulf your entire home in flames before you know it. It can start just about anywhere in the house, at any time of the day, and for myriad reasons. Needless to say, fire is one of the most harrowing tragedies that can befall anyone and can leave you feeling helpless. While we hope and pray that you never find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a fire, there are a few tips on fire damage restoration to restore your home and lives to normalcy. You may call in a reputed fire restoration company in Marin County to help you in the restoration process.

What to Do After a Fire – Here are a few simple but useful fire damage restoration tips that can help you as a homeowner come back stronger even after a disaster.

  • Do not move around the house. This will prevent further damage and ensure that smoke doesn’t spread further, thus reducing contamination of the air and avoiding soot particles from settling into the fabric.
  • Wash your hands if you have touched soot and keep your hands off walls, upholstery, and wood.
  • In high-traffic areas such as the carpet and rug, put down towels.
  • In case the electricity has just been shut off, empty your refrigerator and freezer, and keep the doors open.
  • If you have any house plants, wash both sides of the leaves.
  • You may also swap out the filters of your HVAC system.

What Not to Do After a Fire – Here are a few tips to bear in mind after a fire. Try to avoid doing these while you wait for a fire restoration company in Marin County.

  • Never wash walls, carpet, or upholstery on your own.
  • Do not try to clean out electrical appliances that may have been damaged in the fire.
  • Never use any packaged food that was in the vicinity of the fire.
  • Please do not attempt to turn on any ceiling fixtures as they may have come loose and fall or lead to another fire due to damaged electrical wiring.

Contact Your Insurance Agent – Soon after the fire is put out, one of the important things to be done is to make a phone call to your insurance provider. Inform your agent of the fire so that he or she can document all the details of the incident and go over the details of your insurance coverage with you. Also, be sure to check if there are any inclusions on your insurance policy that you possibly may have overlooked, such as a temporary accommodation plan that can come in handy in the given circumstances. Be sure to let the agent know about your immediate plans, and wait for the insurance company to give you the green signal before taking any action.

If you have been unfortunate to witness a fire in your house, fret not, for help is at hand. Contact West Coast Fire & Water at 415-417-0483. Our experts will help you put your home back together and restore it to its former glory.