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Should I call for help with my water damage in Sonoma County?

Leaky Pipes, roofs and appliances, overflowing sinks and tubs, the list of where water damage can originate is quite lengthy.  And yes there are quite a few times when you can simply address the situation yourself. However, there are many more times when a Water mitigation specialist is your best call.

Now take, for instance, the water dispenser supply line on your refrigerator. A tiny pinprick size of a hole starts to spit water behind your fridge. Now, as it’s such a small amount of water it takes a day or so for the water to be visible from under the fridge. You go to get a glass of water and your socks get wet, you grab a kitchen towel soak up the water and move on with your day. Now as the source of the water continues to emit water onto the floor, wall, possibly nearby cabinets there are several things happening. The materials in contact with it are absorbing the water, becoming severely damaged, floorboards are cupping, drywall is deteriorating and mold spores are starting to grow. The next day you notice more water and decide to investigate further. You move the fridge, and due to the warmth and constant water supply, you end up seeing something like this.


Now you have to tear out the drywall, remove flooring, possibly have water-soaked insulation under your home removed and replaced. At this point, you defiantly need to have professionals come in to mitigate. So when you just used the towel to dry up what you thought wasn’t a big deal, ends up being incredibly substantial damage to your home or business. Keep in mind that if properly addressed when the water was first noticed, you may have quite possibly handled the situation yourself. Just always make sure that if you do decide to handle any water where water shouldn’t be, you are incredibly thorough to find, stop and repair the source.

Likewise, if you have noticed a leak, taken action to call a plumber and or repaired the source yourself then attempted to dry the affected materials, it is beyond essential to know that you have completely dried all the affected materials. Professionals like the one at West Coast Fire & Water know how, and where to look for any possibly hard-to-find water and just how to properly dry it. Below is a photo from a situation where water damage occurred, the homeowner decided to place a few fans around the wet carpet. He did not know that the water had seeped down through the carpet and pad into the subfloor. When the carpet felt dry he removed the fans. Several weeks later he discovered this.


This is exactly why it is so important to have professional water mitigation crews assist you when you have water damage in Sonoma County. We have over a decade of experience, training, and proper equipment to make sure that any water damage is properly and completely dried.

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