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Soot in the Insulation

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Following the devastating fires, a lot of things start to cross your mind. Your keepsakes and memories, maybe the proximity of foliage in your yard to your home. However, one thing that can slip your thought process is the soot that is left over from all the smoke.

There are a lot of factors in the composition of the soot that can affect the ability of it to be cleaned. Things such as what was burned, the temperature, humidity, etc. And while we are trained professionals with the knowledge and supplies to get the job done, there are somethings that simply cannot be cleaned. Insulation for instance. We would need to remove the affected insulation, so that the smell of the smoke does not continue to permeate your home.

In this photo, you can see the affected attic in which the insulation must be removed. We know that the restoration process can be extensive, but rest assured that by calling West Coast Fire and Water the job will be done right.