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The Smoke Odor Removal Process – How Much Is Actually Involved?

A house fire can happen at a moment’s notice and the devastation lasts long after the fire department has left; however, there is always a chance at properly restoring your property. Having a knowledgeable restoration company that understands the smoke and odor removal process, such as West Coast Fire & Water, can help you get back home safely.

Smoke Particulates Saturate Many Surfaces

Smoke from a fire is a solid matter composed of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter commonly known as soot. Soot is made of tiny carbon particles created by incomplete burning of wood, oil and coal, and also contains chemicals, metals, and carcinogens. Soot residue is acidic and corrosive, which can cause extensive damage to your property. The soot needs to be carefully cleaned immediately before more damage occurs. Using deodorization techniques to deal with the smoke odor also helps eliminate its negative impact on your health.

What Technologies Are Used To Remove Smoke Odor and Particulates?

Hydroxyl machines use UV light to remove odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), virus particles, and bacteria particles from the air. The hydroxyl works by detaching hydrogen atoms, which disassembles the molecular structure of odors. This process eliminates odors and can be used while the rest of the property is being mitigated by our smoke damage restoration team.

An ozone machine is also an effective tool and works just as efficiently. Ozone neutralizes the smoke odor using hydrogen atoms and is typically used for content cleaning. Because oxygen is added to the air, leaving the home or building while the ozone machine is being used is absolutely required. Oxidized air can burn organic material and cause bleaching, which is harmful to people.

Another commonly used piece of equipment for smoke removal is an air scrubber. This technology actually removes smoke, dust and pollutants from indoor air as well as surfaces by using negative ions. Because smoke and odor permeates furniture, walls and appliances, having this device greatly supports the restoration process.

Most smoke damaged areas will typically not air out on their own, thus having access to a smoke odor removal company such as West Coast Fire & Water is very reassuring. We have the right tools and equipment, as well as the knowledge of how they work, to make the smoke odor removal process as smooth and efficient as possible!