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Are you searching for a quality Water Damage restoration company? Before you choose, you should read this:As with a lot of different types of business, there are fakes and liars that will try to swindle their way into a job. Sadly, restoration is no different. Companies with limited training or licensing that come into your home can end up doing much more damage than good. Even delaying crucial repairs that can have long term affects on your home.

1. Hire only Certified ProfessionalsDon’t select a restoration company just because they show up first on Google. Even though it is an invaluable resource, Google doesn’t filter companies based off experience, or legitimacy. So, when researching a company, be sure to select one that is up front about their certifications. These will indicate that the professionals employed by that company have received the most up to date and advance training available to efficiently and effectively mitigate your home that has been damaged by water.

Insurance companies will make suggestions as to who to reach out to. However, they usually select the company based off price. And as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. So before just going with their suggestion, do a little research of your own, to make sure that whoever is hired, has your homes best intentions in mind.

2. Range of ServicesOffering a range of services is a great way to determine the expertise and abilities of a company. For instance, Mold Remediation. Mold can start to grow just 24 hours after a water loss has occurred. If you were to hire a strictly water remediation company, its highly likely that they will need to bring in a 3rd party, or simply complete only one aspect of the job, leaving you to yet again look for a company to mitigate your home, allowing valuable time to pass.

3. ProactivenessWhen it comes to mitigating a water loss every moment counts, and professional restoration companies know this. State of the art drying equipment can dry a water loss in as little as 36 hours. Although many situations require a lengthier drying time, getting started as quickly as possible is key. Companies that are reluctant to begin right away are most likely untrained in the expansive understanding that is required to properly dry a water loss and prevent additional unnecessary damage.

West Coast Fire and Water has been providing quality Water Damage Restoration Solutions in Sonoma for a decade. Contact us today for more information in how we can help you with your water damage situation.