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West Coast Fire & Water’s Emergency Restoration Services

West Coast Fire & Water has provided emergency services for every type of disaster imaginable in California for over a decade. Not only do we understand the urgency of mitigating your home or business from natural or man made setbacks, we keep you and your largest asset protected. We are committed and confident in handling all sorts of damage losses, even in the middle of the night.

Water and Storm Damage Restoration Water damage is the most common type of damage we see. From leaking toilets to malfunctioning dishwashers and washing machines, these accidents can happen to anyone. We have also handled water damage due to storms and fallen trees. The most important task when dealing with any type of water damage is to properly dry the affected areas. Too much drying or too little drying will agitate the affected areas and cause more issues. Thankfully, our team goes through extensive, ongoing training to handle water damage on every kind of surface of your home or business.

Mold Remediation Mold damage can be a small project to tackle or a long headache – literally. The size of the project depends on the amount of moisture present and how long the problem has gone undetected. Immediately upon sight of mold, most of our clients become greatly concerned over the well-being of themselves as well as their home or business. We have a solid procedure, from containment setup to post cleanup testing arrangements. Our techniques are standard to avoid further spread of mold spores; your safety is one of our top concerns.

Fire/Smoke Restoration Fire and smoke mitigation not only includes cleaning and repair of your home or business but your contents as well. From the initial board up to protect your property to contents cleaning, to soot and odor removal, we cover the repair process for your entire structure and belongings. Specific equipment such as air scrubbers are also included to ensure your property is operational and habitable so a successful rebuild can be completed.

Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup includes everything under the sun that you would not want to touch! We are able to handle a range of biohazards, including sewage, fecal matter, broken glass, blood, needles, infestations and much more. Each cleanup project is handled safely and thoroughly with personal protective equipment, specialized biohazard containers and a discrete nature. We understand unpleasant emotions may arise and a biohazard situation can be a difficult time for you.

COVID-19 Decontamination

By the nature of our industry, we have the technology to handle any size home or office building COVID-19 decontamination. With this global pandemic, safety for everyone is top of mind and we follow CDC guidelines carefully. We first prepare the surfaces for decontamination by cleaning away dirt so decontamination procedures can penetrate all areas. We also clean commonly used surfaces such as doorknobs, phones and monitors. Commonly germ-infested areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and lobbies are also completely detail cleaned and decontaminated. With the use of our EPA-registered botanical products, any area we clean can be opened for use within 30 minutes so you can get back to life and productivity.

Air Purification and Odor Removal

The need for safe, clean indoor air quality is often overlooked due to the invisibility of poor air quality markers. Mold, odors, smoke are not always seen but they are noticeable! Some people may also become immune to an odor the longer they are around it. Although getting your home remediated from damage may be a relief, that sensation can be short lived if there’s additional problematic concerns. Industrialized air scrubbers, hepa vacuums, and hydroxyl and ozone machines all aid in improving indoor air quality.

Our technicians maintain the highest level of training to assure they are always prepared to help you, no matter your project type or size. You have the best team on your side with the IICRC standard training put in place, as well as continued education for our technicians and the most advanced mitigation equipment available. West Coast Fire & Water is your emergency response team, ready for anything!