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Assisting Your Church With Emergency Water Extraction Services

Although it doesn’t happen often, churches and places of worship may experience severe water damage, typically when there’s absence of regular on site personnel and a large square foot space is ready to soak up any water introduced. There are pews and multiple rooms to consider, as well as tall ceilings and the health and safety of your religious leaders and members.

Who is capable of handling water damage and extraction services so your worship services may continue and you can serve your community?

Why Choose West Coast Fire & Water?

  1. We are an emergency service

West Coast Fire & Water’s emergency water extraction services are always available because water damage is not usually a planned event. We have a whole process we use, from evaluation and investigation to water removal, drying, and cleaning/repair work. Creating a game plan and working step by step ensures nothing is missed. Church leaders may think they have to wait until Monday to call about a water intrusion on a Saturday. Water damage didn’t wait until Monday; why should you?!

  1. We have access to all the equipment needed for water extraction and remediation

Not a lot of companies have the capabilities to safely remove so much water, without causing more damage. Industrial dehumidifiers, fans and desiccants all aid in the removal of water in multiple materials. There are also other pieces of equipment necessary to determine all the water has been removed and drying can start, such as cameras, water pumps, and moisture readers. Misuse of any of this water extraction equipment can lead to over drying, which causes more problems and repairs. The pieces of equipment listed above are all technologies we possess. We have been trained in using them, and inspect them before they’re used, especially on big jobs like water extraction.

       3.) We have experience with insurance claims!

Depending on the kind of loss your church has, it may be covered by insurance. We have worked with dozens of insurance companies for claim in areas such as Sacramento, Lakeport, Napa, and the beautiful coast of Fort Bragg. We can assist with that process due to our industry’s understanding of insurance claim terminology and the need for documentation of specific work completed. Moisture readings, measurements of the structure, pieces of structure removed and sketches of the property are typically needed to process your claim quickly so the restoration work is covered!

We have a large service area in Throughout California and are ready to serve you. If you have had a water damage loss today, we can help you TODAY!