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Take a Look at That Water Leak! The Necessity of Maintaining Health Facilities

Water damage in Santa Rosa hospitals and clinics can happen due to almost anything, and roof leaks are no exception. They can occur due to neglect, a flat roof, blocked drainage system or fallen tree. Ceiling leaks can also be caused by faulty materials or a broken pipe. No matter how the damage starts, it can be quite a nuisance; nobody wants a contaminated surprise affecting the health and safety of patients or their healthcare workers.

There are things you can do to prevent a potentially large water damage site. Knowing the signs of water damage will keep you ahead of the game. Signs of water leaks include:Paint peeling from the walls or ceilingsFalling ceiling panelsSoft spots or bubbling drywallDiscolorationA moldy or mildew smellMold growthIf an office is unoccupied over the weekend, a lot of water can build up very fast and travel to all corners of the structure through drywall, wood and carpet. Report the damage immediately to your hospital administration and maintenance department, as well as your facility’s insurance company.Regular maintenance and keeping a building up to code can prevent many water damage issues. The cost for repairs increases with each delay, so keeping a regular appointment for inspections with a contractor or building inspector may avoid this issue. The cost of an unhealthy treatment center and possibly hazardous workspace will also put your reputation at risk and increase liability concerns.Keep an eye on your ceilings on a regular basis to ensure you don’t have a roof leak. If you suspect you have water damage, keep the West Coast Fire & Water experts in mind. We are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect your facility and patients. From repairs to drying and treatment, we can do it all!