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Repairing Lake County flooding and storm damage

When your house floods, whether from a storm or appliance issue, it can be an absolutely devastating and overwhelming experience. There are so many emotions, questions, worries, overall anxiety, and phone calls. You may not know what to do first.

The first thing you should do when your home floods is shut off any power to your home. This task is also important during an already established power outage. If power is restored while your home is flooded, this concoction of water and electricity could further damage your property and cause more safety concerns.

Secondly, if you choose to enter your flooded home, wear protective clothing and footwear. We understand the need to perhaps gather some important, sentimental items or documents. We urge you to enter with caution. Flood waters can be contaminated with chemicals, mold and bacteria and are not safe for human contact or consumption.

Thirdlyturn off the water source to your house or try to prevent more storm water from entering your home. The less water that your home and furniture absorb, the less damage and cost to repair will accumulate.

Fourthlycontact your insurance company. Most companies cover water damage due to acts of nature and broken appliances or pipes. Insurance agents and adjusters can help you file a claim. Then, they schedule a time to inspect the damage to determine whether your claim is covered.

Lastly, contact your local and reliable West Coast Fire & Water team.

Storm damage repair in Lake County is inevitable but manageable. Every year, many streets in Lakeport, Nice and Lucerne flood; sometimes, those flood waters make their way into some homes. Fortunately, when this happens, West Coast Fire & Water is on standby to help. We have equipment and protocols to safely remove water from your home and clear a path towards water damage repair!