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Air purification – the value of air scrubbers

The spread of COVID-19 has affected our lives on such a large scale. Major changes to home, work and school life have been implemented. The way we view health, safety and cleanliness has impacted our routines more than ever. Worry about one less thing by having a professional team like West Coast Fire & Water provide exceptional air cleaning services.

While repairing your home or business from mold or smoke damage is wonderful for the structure, having an extra layer of protection with air purification services will overall improve your building’s health, as well as its occupants. Fixing mold and smoke damage does not necessarily mean your home’s air quality is restored to a healthy standard.

We frequently utilize air scrubbers in a specific fashion to combat poor air quality. Air scrubbers are a specialized technology that remove pollutants, dust, smoke and other particulate matter from not only the air but building materials, furniture and clothing. A commonly made mistake when attempting to restore indoor air quality is solely using an air purifier. While an air purifier takes airborne pollutants and filters through them, an air scrubber uses negative ions to weigh down airborne and surface particulates and make them easier to collect.

West Coast Fire & Water believes in providing excellent customer service and responding to your home and business needs. Utilizing air scrubbers in our unique line of service is a must. Contact us today so we can get your home healthy!