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Residential and commercial water mitigation

If you’ve had water damage and hesitated to call for help, you are not alone.

Dealing with this situation is not a walk in the park for most. Nobody sells water damage on the corner, you cannot scroll up to purchase water damage via Instagram nor can you add water damage to your Amazon cart. So when it does occur – a pipe breaks, sprinklers are set off, or the ceiling leaks – would you know how to fix it? Would you call a plumber or contractor? Would you try to tackle it yourself?

West Coast Fire & Water sympathizes with you and your situation. It is unique for you, but daily living for us! We’ve encountered many like you that take pride in caring for their home or business. On top of homeowners insurance, property and business taxes, wildfire prevention and regular maintenance, a lot of footwork is needed to protect your asset. Improper and unfinished drying of water damaged properties can lead to more costly repairs, mold and further contamination. Reduce your chances of additional damage by requesting a water damage inspection immediately. Our local Sacramento team of water damage experts are available 24/7 to address each and every issue your property has endured. By utilizing proper structure drying techniques and procedures, we can restore your property quickly and to pre-loss condition. We are also able to handle your insurance claim, which can be daunting and a headache most try to avoid.

We are your neighborly water mitigation team and have maintained our superior customer service for over a decade. Let us help you get back to life today!