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Commercial Biohazard Cleanup Available 24/7

While West Coast Fire & Water is well known for fire and water damage cleanup, local businesses are surprised and relieved to hear we also deal with biohazards!

What types of biohazard cleanup can we handle? Some of the most common types of biohazard situations include cleanup of blood, fecal matter, hoarding situations, needles, and sewage.

An encounter with a biohazard situation can trigger an array of emotions; anger, sadness, frustration. A biohazard presence can affect your business and operations if temporary closing is a possibility. Hiring a separate party to handle the cleanup process swiftly, discreetly and safely can ease this burden and get you back to work. That’s why we operate on a 24/7 basis; a crisis does not pause on account of your busy schedule or need to provide for your families and employees.

Not only is a biohazard cleanup a frustration for you, but it’s also hazardous for a reason. Contact with bodily fluids, hoarded trash and drug paraphernalia can put you and your employees at risk for diseases, viruses, bacteria and possible overdose. Walking into one of these situations and attempting to complete the cleanup yourself can prove to be more dangerous than the biohazard itself.

Let West Coast Fire & Water take care of this mess for you. We complete commercial biohazard cleanup on a daily basis all throughout Marin County, California. We work to keep our community safe by providing a thorough and safe assessment and removal of all sorts of biohazards.