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Commercial Biohazard Cleanup for Marin County

“What is a biohazard?”

A biohazard is any substance, organic or manufactured, that can cause a potential health crisis. Blood, feces, viruses, chemical spills, drug use and hoarded living spaces are all examples of a biohazard.

“How do biohazards enter my business?”

Misuse of property, death, a workplace accident or illegal activities can all lead to a biohazard situation. Larger exposure due to commercial biohazards such as containment failure or chemical spills puts many at risk for future problems and illness. Thorough cleanup of such substances will prevent subsequent mishaps.

“How canĀ a biohazard affect my business?”

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to temporarily close your business so the biohazard situation can be handled. The well-being of you, your employees and clients or customers is at stake. However, even a temporary closing of your business or reduction of your services can diminish your flow of income which is tied directly to your livelihood. This situation is difficult and raises a lot of emotions; the last few years of shelter in place protocols and COVID-19 guidelines have put a lot of strain on businesses.

“Who does biohazard cleanup in San Rafael, Mill Valley and other Marin County cities?”

West Coast Fire & Water, our exceptional residential & commercial biohazard cleanup company, has demonstrated consistency and follow through regarding these sensitive topics. An encounter with a biohazard provokes much emotion. We have handled almost every biohazard situation imaginable, from infestations to hoarded buildings and bodily fluids. We aim to make the cleanup operation as pain free and efficient as possible with outstanding customer service and established safety protocols. You are our most important customer and getting your business back up and running is our top priority!