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COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Services for Senior Healthcare Facilities

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people across all age groups. Many reports and studies suggest that senior citizens are the most vulnerable to the virus. Pandemic experts have reasons to believe that senior healthcare facilities such as assisted living residences and nursing homes are at high risk for spreading among their residents.

Many senior healthcare facilities are hiring coronavirus deep cleaners in Marin County to decontaminate different areas and deep clean frequently touched surfaces. Pandemic experts are urging visitors, caretakers, and senior care facility residents to adopt the following best practices.

  • Clean your hands (with a sanitizer or soap) frequently and thoroughly
  • Prevent symptomatic people from entering the facility
  • Avoid touching your face frequently to minimize the spread of germs
  • Leave the facility (for residents) only when absolutely necessary
  • Practice social distancing. Say no to hugs and handshakes

Here are some tips to improve hygiene in senior healthcare facilities:

  • Develop and execute an infection control and prevention plan. Create a deep cleaning and decontamination schedule with optimum frequency. Outline staff responsibilities
  • When decontaminating surfaces, first cleanse them with soap and water. After successfully dislodging soil and contaminants from surfaces, apply an EPA-registered product
  • Thoroughly clean and decontaminate high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, lift buttons, bed rails, bed frames, handles, bedside tables, armrests for walkers, handrails, and mobility aids such as wheelchairs every day
  • When decontaminating areas, work from the cleanest to dirtiest. Move from the highest to lowest surfaces to prevent cross-contamination and spreading germs
  • Deep clean and decontaminate places where germs love to hide regularly. Typical examples include bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, and pantries. Remember to deep clean bathroom fixtures, toilet seats, and handles
  • Sweep floors before wet mopping. When wet mopping, start from the furthest point (from the door). Vacuum all carpets daily
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper product use. Abide by contact times recommendations
  • Use EPA-registered ready-to-use wipes that do not require dilution. Put labels on diluted cleaning solutions. Make sure these labels contain manufacturer’s information
  • Use effective cleaning products such as UVC lighting products (UVC light disinfection wands/in-duct UV lighting/mobile disinfection systems) that utilize UV light to destroy the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of germs

West Coast Fire and Water employs a team of highly trained coronavirus deep cleaners in Marin County. Our professionals know decontamination protocols like the back of their hands. We use the latest technology and EPA-approved products to deep clean areas and frequently touched surfaces. Our in-house methods are designed to eliminate germs hiding in difficult-to-reach areas. For questions, please call us at (415) 417-0483.