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Does Your Sonoma County Business Need COVID-19 Decontamination

Sonoma County is a bustling community that has many consumer needs and there are so many business owners that are doing everything in their power to stay open as well as provide a safe shopping experience for their patrons. We have been in the business of decontamination and sanitizing for over a decade now. Our strategically trained team is equipped with the most effective and efficient means of properly eradicating the possibility of contamination of your products due to COVID-19. This is our top priority during this pandemic.

We are currently working with several large chain supermarkets and health care facilities to assist in maintaining the lowest chance of spreading COVID-19. We work in accordance with the most recent CDC guidelines set to hospital and industrial standards. EPA registered products utilized to the exact manufacture specifications, strictly adhering to dwell time and mixing proportions.

If you are reopening after the newest stage of the shelter in place order has been issued and want to make sure your work environment is safe for returning employees, we are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate to service your building.  We are also working with locations that have confirmed cases of the virus. Executing the highest standard of precaution to our exposure (to ensure the lowest possibility of spread) as well as the health and safety of all the active employees at your company.

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