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Home Equipment To Reduce Fire Damage

We always give recommendations on how to prevent wildfires in your Throughout California backyard, as well as throughout your home. However, fires still happen. There are pieces of equipment commonly used and installed in homes to reduce the amount of fire damage that occurs. Not only do these devices save your home, they save lives.

Fire Detector/Alarm

Fire detectors/alarm systems are devices that sense heat as well as smoke particles. Depending on how detailed of a system you decide to get, the alarm system will notify authorities of the fire. They will also notify you with their loud beeping mechanisms.Surprisingly, the terms fire detector/alarm and smoke detector are used interchangeably. Smoke detectors use a beeping noise to alert of smoke in the air. They’re not as sophisticated as a fire alarm system, but they are inexpensive. They can also use flashing lights for those who are hearing impaired.

Why they’re important: fire detectors provide an early warning to a potentially deadly fire. They also alert you to take action on that fire, either yourself or by calling your local fire department for immediate assistance.

Where to place them: Fire detectors should be placed on the ceiling in each room of your home, especially bedrooms, so you can be notified wherever you are in the home. Fires can happen at any time!

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are becoming more commonplace to have in your home, as well as your vehicle, due to more opportunities of fire. There are also different classes of fire extinguishers for businesses, depending on the hazard type. For example, class A is for ordinary combustible materials such as wood while class b is for flammable liquids or gases.

Why they’re important: if a fire happens while you’re not around or the fire department is located far away, having tools to use immediately will reduce the amount of damage fire produces. In places such as hospitals and schools, getting everyone safely evacuated takes time. Having a fire extinguisher available immediately can save so many lives.

Where to place them: fire extinguishers should be placed in your vehicle, as well as a notable or visible spot in your home. For businesses, they should be placed on the wall where they can be easily located. Having more than one on each level is also recommended, in normal travel paths. In other words, they should not be hidden.

Fire Sprinklers

A fire sprinkler system inside your home is a relatively new part of home builds in California. Our state is prone to wildfires, has a large population and many homes as well as people to protect. Fire sprinkler systems may seem like a counterintuitive idea for your home because they cause water damage. However, water damage is much less expensive and extensive to repair than fire damage.

Why they’re important: the fire department may not be able to reach your home or building in time to start the fire extinguishing process. Being proactive at the first sign of fire is essential. There may also be times when you are not home and you need a second set of “eyes” on your property.

Where to place them: fire sprinkler systems are placed on the ceiling because they are only activated by a specific temperature of heat that rises. The bulb inside of the sprinkler breaks once a certain degree is reached, which releases a water valve and soaks the area affected by fire.

Any combination of these pieces of equipment in your home can drastically reduce the likelihood of death, as well as excessive damage to your home or business.