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What We Use To Perform Outstanding Cleanup Services

West Coast Fire & Water is a 24/7 emergency remediation service company . Water and fire damage are the two most common types of damage we encounter in Throughout California. Our goal is to dry wet areas, remove dangerous particles from the air, and clean a home that’s been affected by almost any type of damage – vandalism, biohazard, and mold included. There are many pieces of specialized equipment and tools we use to be very effective with our work.

Air movers are used for drying and ventilation. Water can penetrate surfaces, leaving them to crumble and rot. Sometimes, towels are not enough.

A dehumidifier, commonly called a dehu, is incredibly valuable for any home affected by water damage. Dehumidifiers remove water and moisture from the air, as well as carpet and flooring.

Air scrubbers actually remove smoke, dust and pollutants from indoor air as well as surfaces by using negative ions. Because smoke and odor permeates furniture, walls and appliances, having this device greatly supports the restoration process.

UV air scrubbers use UV light technology to capture air and pass it through a filter. This process removes bacteria, mold spores and viruses.

HEPA vacuums not only remove mold, dirt, pollen and other particles from the air, but they trap them with filters. Traditional industrial and household vacuums do not necessarily trap all the particles they pick up from surfaces.

Hard suction is used to remove water in unpressurized surfaces. When a home is flooded with standing water, we would use this technology to quickly remove it.

Water extractors do exactly as they say; they extract water from your home. Often, carpet is so saturated that fans can’t do all the work themselves.

Ozone neutralizes the smoke odor using hydrogen atoms and is typically used for content cleaning. Because oxygen is added to the air, leaving the home or building while the ozone machine is being used is absolutely required. Oxidized air can burn organic material and cause bleaching, which is harmful to people.

Hydroxyls use UV light to remove odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), virus particles, and bacteria particles from the air. The hydroxyl works by detaching hydrogen atoms, which disassembles the molecular structure of odors.

A moisture reader lets us know exactly how much water is saturating a material so we know how much dry time and force to apply. Too much drying can lead to bending, breaking or further damaging flooring and wood beams.

Thermal foggers apply a deodorizer to surfaces to reduce the odor in a specific area, typically smoke. Because the solutions used in the fogger leave very small droplets in the air, it’s able to penetrate difficult to reach surfaces.

Thermal image readers let us know the temperature differences in areas of a home or business. By learning this information, we can know more about what areas are affected by water damage. We are able to get an area dry much faster, which prevents more damage from happening.

Besides these tools, we also use standard construction materials and tools, large trucks, personal protective equipment such as disposable suits and gloves, special face masks, plastic sheeting, generators for times when there’s no access to electricity, and so much more.

We work hard, but we can’t do it without help.

We have perfected the art of preparation for every single job we do. Our checklists help us to help you during your time of need!