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How Fast, Professional Water Damage Service Saves You Money

West Coast Fire & Water has a quick turnaround rate for completing projects, but it’s not because we cut corners. For the sake of your sanity and wallet, we urge you not to cut corners either! There are times to save money, and there are times to hire a professional water restoration team to save you money. Take a look at some of the reasons why seeking a professional company to handle your Marin County business’s water damage can save you thousands of dollars.

We respond within one hour of your call

After you have contacted our office or answering service regarding your water loss details, we are already on the roll to getting to your property. Our vehicles are packed, we locate drying equipment. Our guarantee is to contact you within one hour after you have spoken with our office so we can get your property assessed and dry, no matter what time of day. We have Technicians and Project Managers in each main location we serve so you’re not waiting around for help.

We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service

Because of the need for emergency service, we are available every hour of every day, including holidays. Not only does this type of service get your water damage assessed and handled more quickly, but your business does not suffer. Having to close a commercial building to deal with damage is a frustrating experience, but it can also drive away business the longer your business sits without any customers or clientele. Any pending or future projects can become delayed or canceled. We don’t want you or your business to suffer, but rather thrive.

In regards to water damage, the longer water sits the more damage it causes. Walls start to rot and foundations crumble. Mold can grow within 24-48 hours which adds another layer of health compromising circumstances.

We help with the insurance claims process

As long as you have a covered, active commercial insurance policy on your building, filing an insurance claim will definitely save you thousands of dollars! Minimizing financial loss in any way possible is crucial for the survivability of your business. Some buildings flood through several floors or affect dozens of offices, which means more floor and wall surfaces need to be monitored and dried. More equipment and labor also adds to the cost.

Thankfully, with West Coast Fire & Water, you are working with an expert team in filing insurance claims for water losses. We speak the language of the insurance world, work with many of the same adjusters and agents so we have an established relationship, and we also prepare insurance regulated documentation and estimates so your claim can be processed as soon as possible.Insurance claims not only pay for the covered damages but they also deal with contents cleaning and repairs, reimbursement, temporary relocation if necessary and temporary electrical power. Anything necessary to get your business back up and running is typically covered, within reason.

Marin County is a lovely area to operate your business. Let West Coast Fire & Water help you keep it in operation, even after a water damage loss!