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Our Services Are Always Available, Regardless of the Season!

Lake County, California has been hit many times over the past seven years with fires – most recently in August 2022, a wildfire in Kelseyville. During the hot blazing summer months, we are on standby with smoke cleaning equipment, fire restoration tools and participate in hiring events so we always have many hands on deck. We also anticipate dealing with insurance companies regarding claims and have the knowledge, as well as the vocabulary, to do so.

We are geared up and ready to go! Because fire damage can happen any time of the year, we understand massive fire events are not only reserved for the hottest season. We also understand other types of damage occur year round and repairs are necessary to get your life, home or business back on track.

Non-wildfire fire damage is devastating as a homeowner and a business owner. It can engulf an entire home or your entire kitchen. Either way, there’s a lot of damage involved and possibly an insurance claim. Inspections, paperwork, insurance approvals and proper cleaning techniques are all in our arsenal.

Water damage can occur naturally or as part of a man-made catastrophe. Many parts of Lake County flood every year due to the rainfall streaming off the mountains, affecting the below cities and towns. We also prepare every year for this event to occur, which is typically in December and January as long as rainfall is steady.Some common reasons for water damage inside your Lake County home are a toilet, sink or refrigerator leak, a pipe leak or break, or water accidentally left on (we have received several calls for this one – those pesky telemarketers and bill collectors really keep us off our water damage prevention game sometimes!)

Mold damage is caused by water damage, but sometimes only a little bit of moisture is enough to allow and maintain its growth. Our technicians receive year round training related to mold damage cleanup techniques because mold removal and remediation is critical for personal, as well as home, health. Not knowing the right protocol for handling mold damage will lead to mold spores spreading across the rest of the structure, contaminating everything in their path.

Biohazard damage calls have become much more common as our company has grown. While water damage is the most common type of damage we see, biohazard is always right around the corner and waiting to strike. Hoarded homes, bodily fluids and waste, infestations and sewage all involve contaminants that are harmful to our health. They are also harmful for business operations and may involve code violations. Fire and water damage have their own hazards, hence we always have the equipment ready to protect ourselves as well as our customers. Proper containment and avoiding cross contamination are key, as well as performing the cleanup project in its entirety.

No matter the season, we are here for any reason. Water, fire, biohazard and mold damage will not last as long as we are around providing excellent, thorough customer service for all Lake County residents and businesses!