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mold under salon cleaning station used

Is Mold In My Santa Rosa Property Really That Bad?

Mold spreading in commercial buildings is about as dangerous as a bull in a China shop. Once it gets going, it can be unstoppable! Due to air ducting systems, inconsistent maintenance and the constant shuffle of staff in your commercial building, mold spores can spread incredibly quickly. Much like a virus, mold spores are all around us but invisible to the human eye. However, those small black, white and even green furry specks can cause more problems than you’d think.

How Bad Can Mold Be?

While mold can be removed, not identifying its source can mean all the work completed to remove mold has gone to waste. Even if mold is stopped in its tracks, it will continue to grow under dark and damp conditions. It can completely rot a subfloor, crumble drywall and destabilize a foundation as well as potentially cause health issues and liability concerns. If the moisture problem hasn’t been identified and stopped, the mold will return.

How Can Mold Affect My Business?

Although some strands of molds are not dangerous, long term exposure to a dangerous strand can lead to long term, ongoing health concerns and deem a building nonoperational. Business and commerce can come to a halt if a shopping area, office or multi-purpose complex has been named unsafe; this circumstance can be a huge strain, especially during this time of rebuilding our economy after COVID-19.

How does West Coast Fire & Water Tackle Mold Issues?

Technologies exist to test for mold, even if it’s not visible; regular testing to maintain a health clearance in your building can make a huge difference in productivity. To ensure mold damage in Santa Rosa buildings and businesses has been properly remediated, we contract post mold cleanup testing. Mold remediation also ensures any moisture is properly dried to prevent mold growth.

Don’t let mold grow on you! Take your frustrations to West Coast Fire & Water, we are able to perform remediation services right away. Much like COVID-19 decontamination, we attack mold full force! Through the use of PPE, environmentally friendly botanical products and mold removal preparation from start to finish, we are able to handle any challenge and improve your atmosphere and thus, quality of life.