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What to Do About Water and Mold Damage In Your Building

April showers have definitely brought May flowers, but do you know what else they may bring? Mold. Water leaks. Weakened structure. Multiple problems in your building. Many building occupants may become seriously alarmed upon the discovery of mold growth or entering the building to find a puddle in the middle of their office.

Why contact a restoration company immediately?

Only a small amount of water is needed to give a slow leak a lot of power. The water can cause destruction in one place, and then migrate to the next. Water likes to travel; it can soak through most structure materials such as insulation, flooring, laminate, sheet rock, and wood. Remaining untreated, mold grows and digs deeper into the foundation of a building, and will become a property manager or owner’s worst nightmare. The potential for multiple occupants becoming affected means different scopes of work needing to be completed. Although the removal of mold is never 100%, mold growth can be controlled indoors by controlling the level of moisture. If you are a property manager or owner, you have the opportunity to respond quickly and more efficiently to building damage if a restoration company is immediately involved.

How does our company respond to water and mold damage?

Water and mold remediation involve an inspection, assessment, containment of the areas, air filtration, and removal of the mold infested materials. Preparation of an estimate will give you an idea of the extensive amount of work involved to bring your building back to a safe and functional workspace. We can also facilitate the claims process with your business insurance, which may minimize the potential financial hardship. West Coast Fire & Water backs up our guarantee of thorough and satisfactory work with hundreds of projects involving mold remediation in Sonoma County; we understand protecting your occupants is a top priority!