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Expert Mold Removal – Act Now to Protect Your Investment

West Coast Fire & Water is available on a moment’s notice to handle emergency situations, because time is not always on our side. Especially where mold is a concern!

Addressing your needs is on the top of our priority list; Every mold situation is different. In places such as Santa Rosa, we are accustomed to dealing with mold growth after the purchase of a home. This type of situation arises often, as the new homeowners settle into their abode and discover what appears to be a potentially major structural and health concern. The only factor mold needs to grow is moisture, and has the potential to cover walls, baseboards, floors and even your belongings.

Removing mold in a professionally organized fashion reduces the risk of mold spores spreading further through your structure. We make sure to remove all mold completely and safely while utilizing the right equipment, containment set up, products and PPE (personal protective equipment). Depending on how the mold originated, we can also assist with your insurance claim should you choose to file one.

We have also dealt with extensive mold damage in Santa Rosa apartment complexes. There’s nothing more complex, so to speak, than trying to navigate the flow of mold from one living space to another. Despite this potential frustration, there is no job that we can’t handle because we have all the right tools, training, experience and the deepest care for our neighbors.

While mold damage is not a typical call we receive in the middle of the night, we are eager to erase it from your home or business for good! Restore your property today, call West Coast Fire & Water to request emergency service, 888-617-3786.