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Our Newest Location : Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California. Our newest location to offer services for fire, water, mold and biohazard damage cleanup was established in 2020! Although we may seem like the “new kids on the block” in our state’s capital, we have been around the block in the restoration industry for more than a decade serving the beautiful regions of California. We value the experiences we’ve had with our local communities. Now that we’ve branched farther from our home base of Kelseyville, we know we have the strengths of our cleanup teams, as well as our management and individual strengths, to be successful. How do we know we are a successful restoration company?

The number of Google reviews we have of our work is an absolutely stunning representation of our top quality customer service, expert knowledge and consistent drive. We are absolutely blown away by the wonderful feedback we have received from our customers. Normally, one writes a review when dissatisfaction has occurred due to a business’s negligence. Knowing we can count on our Sacramento homeowners and business owners for so much positive feedback, as well as organic growth of our company and its mission, is inspiring and humbling. As a business new to the area, it’s also somewhat record breaking! We’ve been able to acquire so much business, as well as bring on new, hard working technicians and Project Managers.

We understand what our communities need. We have stayed incredibly busy, especially during the pandemic, due to the high call volume regarding COVID-19 decontamination for businesses and home restoration services. Due to families remaining at home more often, the need for our services has become more common. Home projects turn up the need for a professional opinion. Our restoration experts are able to handle mold and water damage quickly, as the need arises more frequently when a home is utilized. Our work with schools, government buildings and store chains give us an inside look into the specialized needs, as well as opportunities to communicate with management, so we can continue to meet those needs. Needs may also depend on the season.

Wildfires do not stop during a global pandemic, and neither do we! With the growing need for fire restoration due to the ongoing California drought and high temperatures, we anticipate needing to respond at a moment’s notice. Although we can’t fight the fire, we can fight the damage that prevents you from returning to safely live in your home. Since 2015, we have participated in large loss fire cleanup, residential fire cleanup and contents cleaning for Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties. Every year, we learn something new as unique situations arise, and are eager to learn from our experiences.

Continuing education in our industry keeps us ahead of the game, which adds another layer to our success. Due to the growth of our company, we have new and temporary technicians hired on a regular basis. We want to make sure we provide our technicians with the best knowledge, as well as exciting opportunities for growth, so we can remain strong.

We have what it takes to thrive in any environment – Sacramento is a big area, but we are ready to restore on a moment’s notice!