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Pest Cleanup Services for the Mendocino Coast

When we hear the word rodent or pest, we immediately think of mice and rats because they are most commonly presented in books, movies and stories. However, there are other animals that cause infestations. After all, they’re mammals looking for food and shelter to maintain their lives. The problem is, your home becomes the ultimate source for those needs, which is a huge and costly inconvenience. Pest cleanup for the Mendocino Coast is a common occurrence for West Coast Fire & Water because of the vacation homes that are often affected for months at a time without anyone noticing. The damage accumulates and becomes so much more to handle.

The difference between pest control and pest cleanup

We are often contacted when a home currently has creatures that have invaded – bugs, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, skunks, and even bats! – because who doesn’t want them removed, right?

Although we want the invaders to be removed as well for your sake, we cannot provide that service. A pest control service helps eliminate pests and animals from returning to your home by providing treatments. Our procedures for pest cleanup get involved after pest control provides their service. We clean up the damage they leave behind, including feces, trash, ripped apart insulation, and deceased animals. Even cute creatures such as raccoons and skunks are incredibly feisty and tear apart anything with their claws and teeth

What damages can pests cause to a house?

Urine and Feces

Urine and feces from all animals is unhealthy for humans to ingest. These pests will leave it everywhere; in your attic, basement, crawlspace, perhaps even your pantry. If there’s a will, there’s a way and they will find it! We have received calls specifically to clean up bat guano. Although guano is an effective fertilizer, in the wrong setting it can be incredibly harmful. Guano dust is dried bat poop and if inhaled, it can cause an upper respiratory disease called histoplasmosis.


We have pulled out complete sets of insulation due to feces and urine from pests. Having these affected materials sit in your home, especially without ventilation, can become toxic. The effectiveness of your insulation decreases when it has been destroyed. Pests love insulation because it makes for excellent bedding. Poor air quality can also occur if you do not replace your insulation after rodents and other pests have damaged it.

Deceased animals

You may notice a rotting smell in your home that eventually goes away. That’s a sign of a dead animal in your walls. This can happen if there are cracks and crevices available for them to slip through and continue their destructive path. During the process of pest control, they may become sick and trapped in the walls of your home. Or, they may simply die from natural causes. Either way, you are stuck as much as they are with the aftermath.

Water and fire damage

Mice, rats, moles and even skunks can cause so much turmoil underneath your home. We have seen them rip apart insulation, water pipes, electrical wiring and even belongings in basements and closets. Those precious Christmas decorations may not last another season if you don’t do what you can to keep these pesky critters away.

Get pest cleanup under control NOW before your home is overtaken by these creatures; West Coast Fire & Water is ready to restore your home or business today!