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Stucco has a lot of enticing traits, it’s resistant, simple to repair, and is visually appealing. Despite all this, it is not impermeable to water damage. Keep reading to find out more.

Stucco is a beautiful finishing aspect to a home, and as it’s a sturdy, durable, easy to fix material it’s a widely used material especially in our area. However, if improperly installed it can lead to sever water damage to your home.

1. Improper InsulationWhile its very durable, Stucco is also very specific in its application. If there is an open seal near a window, flashing or joint, you run the risk of getting tears. What this allows for is moisture and water to penetrate the protective layer and steep through to more porous materials causing mold, rot and mildew to grow. Sometimes these ‘tears’ are apparent and easily visible to see, other times they are easily overlooked.

2. CompositionStucco, while being a basic mix of sand, water and cement it MUST have the correct composition. If the mixture is off it will not cure correctly, and the integrity is compromised.

3. Algae GrowthThe texture of Stucco is a large aspect of its appeal; However, this also makes it algae prone. Especially if the runoff from wood, unclean gutters or other contaminants is actively in contact with it. This can cause staining of the stucco itself and should be cleaned bi-annually to ensure the continued seal of the stucco.

4. Repairing water damaged StuccoFiguring out the source of water damage is the key first step to repairing damaged stucco. Even after fixing tears or cracks, if the source is left unaddressed you could end up with worse damage than when you started.Your second course of action should be to prevent water from getting into the wall again. A drainage plane and vapor barrier should be inaugurated into the affected areas.

Where there is damaged, cracked, deteriorated or even completely missing stucco a patching compound should be applied. And be sure to reach out to a professional about the best products to use to ensure that your repair is steadfast.