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Things To Do After a House Fire

House fire is something that many homeowners do not often think about. However, it can and does happen frequently. Studies show that every 24 seconds, a fire department in the country responds to a fire. Knowing what to do after a fire is as important as knowing how to respond to a house fire. You must act responsibly and swiftly after a fire to mitigate damage. With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at some steps to take after a house fire.

Board Up Holes

After a house fire, carefully inspect your windows and openings in your house and doors. Board up holes, if any. This will protect your home from the elements and keep antisocial elements at bay.

Call Your Insurer

After a fire, do not assume anything. Even if you know the extent and nature of coverage provided by your insurance policy, call your insurer. Ask your agent whether the insurance company will provide emergency lodging and living expenses. Start documenting losses as soon as you can.

Organize Your Items

Separate damaged items from undamaged goods. Carefully pack up your undamaged items in a bag and store them in a safe place. Remember to get these items professionally cleaned and sanitized before starting to use them again. Make a list of damaged items and document the type and extent of damage they have sustained. Collect bank statements and/or purchase receipts. Take photos of damaged items that can be used as proof (along with the list) when filing a claim.

Get Your Clothes Professionally Cleaned and Sanitized

Soot, ashes, and smoke from a fire can damage clothes rendering them unwearable. After a house fire, remember to inspect and remove your clothes to a safe place. Remember, life does not stop because of a tragedy. You will need your clothes every day. To restore your clothes, get them professionally cleaned by a laundry. Enquire whether your fire restoration company in Lake County can help you find a laundry.

Find a Place to Stay

After a fire, you will need a place to stay with your family until your property restoration expert sanitizes your property. Enquire whether your homeowner’s insurance policy has coverage that pays for food, lodging, and clothing. Contact the Red Cross, your local church, or friends requesting them to arrange accommodation for your family.

Contact a Fire Damage Restoration Expert

There are various health hazards associated with fire damage. Remember, appearances can be deceptive. Just because you think that your property hasn’t sustained serious damages, doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is alright. From serious structural damage to health risks, there are various hidden dangers of fire damage. To steer clear of these risks, hire a property restoration expert who will take various steps to make your home habitable again.

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