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Water Damage in a Santa Rosa Home

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Water Damage in a Santa Rosa Home

It’s that time of year when the seasons start to change. With that change we see an influx in roof leaks, water damage, mold growth/damage and crawlspace floods. Trying to stay on top of weather preparedness can prove to be difficult as the weather here changes from week to week. A price to pay for living in fickle, gorgeous Northern California! Santa Rosa is no exception to this rule, and often experiences water damage, which is why we train and prepare all year round to be ready in case you call.

For instance, look at this loss: A roof leak caused damage to the insulation, living room, master bedroom, hallway and bathroom. As we used the proper drying techniques, we were able to lessen the extent of the damage. Had we not removed the insulation and revealed the true amount of affected materials this loss could have been substantially more traumatic. If you were to simply look into your home, and based off of the surface figured it to be dry, how do you think it would have ended up? Granted, you might save some money “doing it yourself” but at what cost of the integrity of your home?

Get the advice of experts in any mitigation situation, you don’t have to go through this alone. And you sure don’t have to guess if it’s done right, efficiently and effectively.