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What to Know About Drywall Water Damage and Mold Growth

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Any household that has experienced water damage or flooding is most likely to become affected by molds. Molds can attack wet walls any time and hardly need 24 to 48 hours to multiply further. Leaking and unrepaired pipes are some of the leading reasons why walls get attacked by molds.

Molds will not only eat away the beauty of your property but also affect the people living in the house. The damage will continue spreading to other walls and other areas of your home if you do not seek professional help by hiring a reliable water damage company quickly.

Indications of Drywall Water Damage and Mold Growth

Many homeowners do not even realize that there is mold growth on their walls unless it spreads all over to the point of being visible from obvious vantage points. If one is aware of the indications, they can detect and solve the mold growth problem in its initial stage. Learn about some of the mold growth indications here:

  1. Water stains on the walls directly indicate that there is a possibility of mold growth. These stains are usually the result of leaking pipes or some other plumbing issue. If you spot yellow or brown colors on your walls, then most likely, the wall is already attacked by mold.
  2. Have you found any discoloration on the walls? Discoloration on a painted wall indicates that the damage is deep-rooted. Even after you paint the wall, mold will faint the paint’s color and make it look unpleasant. Mold can appear in black, white, brown, grey, or green colors. For vinyl wallpapers, the wall can change to purple, orange, or pink.
  3. Deteriorating walls are not just an indicator of water damage but also mold growth in the walls. Cracks, peels, sagging and wrinkling will appear due to excess moisture in the walls. There are instances where the walls bulge or bow due to water damages.
  4. It is quite difficult to spot mold growth in its initial stages with the naked eye. However, one can smell the infamous musty odor on the walls. The damp, dingy smell we all associate with mold and mildew.

Steps to Prevent Mold After Water Damage

You can follow these steps when it comes to keeping mold at bay after water damage.

  • Controlling dampness:

To prevent mold growth on your walls, you have to work on handling the indoor moisture. It is only possible by repairing all the leaks in the houses and taking care to have ample ventilation. It will help save the look and condition of your property along with keeping it from impending moldy doom.

  • Moving enough air in the bathroom:

Now, to prevent molds in your bathroom, you need correctly working bath fans/vents. Your fans might not be working efficiently if the moisture is not eliminated in a maximum of 10 minutes. While selecting a bathroom fan, check its cubic feet per minute effectiveness and compare it with your bathroom size. You can also consult a professional to get an idea of the right size of fan for your bathroom.

  • Humidity sensing fans are better in controlling mold growth:

Window molding and trim in bathrooms are prevalent issues. It is usually a result of excess humidity that stays in the bathroom for a long time. To reduce the burden of cleaning those windows every time, you can opt for humidity sensing fans. These fans switch on and off automatically as the moisture level rises in the bathroom. It is a better alternative to the manual fans that you have to manually turn on and off.

  • Remove the water off the walls:

The main reason for moisture on bathroom walls is the excess water left on them after showers. Try to squeeze the water off the walls after you finish with the shower. This process can greatly reduce the chances of mold growth on walls.

  • Scrub off the visible mold quickly:

Any mold that you find on tiles, windows, or walls, scrub off immediately. You can use detergent, vinegar, water, and bleach to eliminate the visible molds. One more option is to use ten percent bleach with water and apply it to the area. After ten minutes, rinse it and let it dry. There are many products like sprays and solutions available that can help remove the molds.

  • Prefer paints with mildewcide:

If you apply paints with a mildewcide, you can easily control the growth of molds on surfaces. Try using these paints in your bathroom and shady areas where you think the moisture level is high. Make sure you double-check with the paint dealer before buying the paint.

  • Repair any leaks immediately:

It is better to repair leaks before they affect multiple walls, floors, and ceilings of the house. Call a professional plumber the moment you spot any leak in the walls or bathroom. The earlier you repair the leaks, the better your chances are of avoiding molds and mildew. Try to act fast and call for an emergency repair as soon as you find something wrong with your pipelines.

  • Never postpone cleanups:

If you delay cleaning/drying wet walls, the moisture will attract mold and ultimately be disastrous to not only the look of your home but the materials it’s made of. Mold affects the inside of the walls and causes more internal damage that takes time to repair. You can stop this issue from occurring if you regularly address water accumulation and moisture buildup.

Can Mold Cause Serious Health Issues?

People with existing allergies and respiratory issues are more prone to mold-related health problems. The dampness causes more mold spores to float in the air and harm our respiratory system. If you experience problems in your lungs, throat, or face, it might be time to get your walls checked by an expert.

Aspergillus is a type of mold that causes health problems called Aspergillosis. People with weak immune systems and previous allergy issues can face severe reactions due to these spores. If your walls are more likely to attract molds, you risk some severe bronchial and fungal infections.

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