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Wildfire Prevention and Survival Tips

Have you heard the phrase, “the best defense is a good offense”? Essentially, this phrase means being proactive instead of passive against an opposing force works more in your favor and can lead to a successful outcome. We believe in being proactive, especially in the face of fire season.

Wildfires have become an unfortunate familiar force in our territories. Naturally, we either desire to stay home and defend our homes or pack up our things and drive to safety with our families. There are several ways you can prepare for an evacuation, as well as protect and prevent damage inside and outside your home, during a wildfire.

Prepare for Evacuation

Make sure your vehicle is packed and ready with all important documents, medications, food, water, clothing, and pets. Keep insurance paperwork close to you, as you may need to call to file a claim.

Locate your keys and place them on the driver’s seat.

Identify important family mementos and get them packed as well.

If you have large animals, prepare them for transport or place identifying information on the animal so they may be located and returned to you.

Keep a flashlight, cell phone and portable radio or scanner with you at all times.

Wildfire Damage Prevention Outside Your Home

Attach garden hoses to spigots and make sure they’re visible.Fill trash cans and buckets with water so firefighters may use them, just in case.

Place a ladder leading to your roof for firefighter’s use.Remove as much debris, yard furniture and flammable materials as possible that are next to or near your house.

Wildfire Damage Prevention Inside Your Home

Fill buckets, bathtubs and sinks with water, just in case they are needed.

Close all doors around your home to prevent fire from moving room to room.Turn on a light in each room to increase visibility through smoke.Close all windows to prevent smoke and fire sparks from entering your home.Remove drapes and blinds from windows, and move furniture away from windows to slow the spread in case fire does come into your home.

Wildfires in San Rafael and surrounding areas have become more frequent. Our state consists of a mixture of forests and large populated areas. However, remaining mindful of wildfire survival tips can not only keep you and your family safe, but give your home a chance of surviving with minimal damage. Protect what matters most! Our West Coast Fire & Water team is here to support you.