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West Coast Fire & Water’s Cleanup Commitment to You

If anything has been learned these past several years, we are stronger when we work as a team, especially while handling wildfire damage. From our production teams to office staff and administration handling insurance correspondence and claims, everyone is all hands on deck.

We have gotten our process down to a science because we know wildfires do not affect one home at a time. They affect everyone – with or without insurance, with or without children and pets, older homes and homes so new the paint is still drying. Regardless of who you are, fires don’t discriminate.

While surviving a house fire is almost always an emotional experience, wildfires have brought on a new feeling of insecurity. We are more vigilant and concerned about how we live our daily lives, what we pack when we leave the house, whether we have left anything hazardous running, and so much more. We get worried about unpacking all the important things we have prepped. Trying to remain in your homes is difficult when you have to be constantly on the lookout.

You may be worried about your belongings or whether your business will still be standing the next day. However, you do not need to worry about whether West Coast Fire & Water is the best choice for fire cleanup services. We are the commitment you need during the next fire season. With every second, soot and smoke can become even more embedded into your things. Entire neighborhoods that have been affected by wildfire smoke and debris are carefully evaluated and properties are contained to prevent further contamination. Saving you from more inconvenience is essential to our plan. Restoring what’s important to you is important to us!