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California’s Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action Plan

Wildfires in California have already started to creep up on us. Despite the recent storm activity, wet weather has not been enough to keep us out of a drought. Every little bit of water is soaked up by all plant life and excess water on roads runs to streams and rivers. Having water on reserve is helpful, but as soon as a dry, windy day presents itself, there’s no telling what could happen.

We no longer have a predictable fire season; fire season is year round. Four large fires in California have already occurred in 2022, due to lack of rain and an already established long-term drought.

Not knowing what could happen one day in terms of a fire in our community can leave us constantly living on the edge, anxiously waiting for the worst situation to occur. However, there are several things currently happening in California to build resiliency against wildfire damage.

You may have already noticed delays in your commute and construction projects against inundated forest land in places such as Mendocino County.

California’s Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action Plan has been outlined and published as of January 2021. Outlined in the plan are four major goals, as well as their specific goals, to achieve:


  1. Increase the pace and scale of forest health projects

  2. Strengthen protection of communities

  3. Manage forests to achieve the state’s economic and environmental goals

  4. Drive innovation and measure progress

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Making goals and keeping track of their achievements puts us on the path for fire resistance and improved health. Have confidence in the plans for California as we continue as a community to make a better future for our children and their families. Many hands make light the work; we are all in this together, West Coast Fire & Water included!