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How To Save Money This Summer 2022

With inflation continually on the rise, knowing where you can cut corners and save money is incredibly helpful. We need to know how to make those dollars stretch! The last thing you need right now during this difficult economy is fire, water, mold or biohazard damage in your home.

Here are some ideas, how many of these have you completed?

Prevent Fire Damage

  • Clean dryer vents with every use and ducts every 6 months.

  • Use your barbecue safely outside, avoid lighting a fire around grass or trees.

  • Always contact a professional regarding tree removal. If done improperly, trees can land on power poles or lines, potentially causing a wildfire.

  • Check/clean air ducts every 3-5 years if you have a central heating/cooling system. Not only can dust build up, but so can hair, rodent droppings, scraps and possibly mold!

  • Make sure your heating source is not surrounded by clutter.

Prevent Water Damage

  • Check toilets and sinks for leaking and repair as needed.

  • Use less water whenever possible (inside and outside).

  • Going on vacation? Have your water shut off and someone check on your property regularly.

  • Plan on replacing your water tank after about a decade. They will break down eventually, which could mean a leak which leads to water damage which leads to rotting floors, moldy walls and a huge mess!

  • Have your pipes checked regularly, especially if you have an older house. There may be an unknown leak, especially if your water bill is high or you’ve been notified about using a sudden excessive amount of water.

  • Clean gutters and your roof every 6 months so water or dry vegetation doesn’t build up.

  • If you are digging up your yard to place a garden, make sure you don’t hit a water or sewage pipe!

  • Remain cautious about cleaning your wood floors with too much water. There are plenty of floor cleaners available on the market that are safe to use.

Prevent Mold and Biohazard Damage

  • Do not avoid mold repairs! Although any type of home repair can be expensive, mold damage becomes more costly the longer it sits. If proper services aren’t performed, mold spores may spread and cause more damage.

  • Make sure you have proper attic, bathroom and laundry room ventilation. Humidity is also higher during the summer months.

  • Keep the temperature low in your home to prevent mold growth. The ideal temperature for mold to grow is 77-86 degrees.

  • Declutter – we may not know we have a case of biohazard or mold damage in our home if it is covered with our stuff. We may also keep purchasing items we already have, or we may already have an item that can serve our needs. Decluttering can prevent us from spending too much money as well as uncover potential damage to our home. Massive decluttering may need to be done if a hoarding situation has taken place. Often during cleanup of these situations, biohazards or mold is found and can seriously affect the health of the cleanup crew. The longer a hoard sits without being removed or managed, the likelihood more damage can happen to flooring, furniture, walls and the overall integrity of the property. Dealing with this issue right away can prevent any issues from getting worse, saving the responsible party money in the end.

We hope these tips are helpful and that you have a safe summer! We never wish these types of damages to occur, but we are here to help if they do.