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The Growth Rate and Spread of Mold

Mold has gotten such a bad reputation because of how destructive it can be. Its uninterrupted growth can lead to rotting that deems a building condemned. Whether an entire room is covered in it or you see a few specks here and there, mold can be a big problem. You may not notice mold until it starts to take a toll on your health and well-being, or until you start that home remodel. It is a pesky organism that can spin out of control if not immediately handled.

How out of control are we talking?

Mold grows when the most wonderful, perfect environment is presented. Moist, humid, dark areas tend to be the most mold friendly. Following water damage, mold can start to grow within 24-48 hours. Of course the rate of growth depends on how moist the area has remained and any temperature changes. For example, mold tends to grow faster when a home has remained hot after water damage has occurred. While mold begins to grow almost immediately following the appropriate conditions, it is typically not visible for at least a couple weeks.

Why should you respond to mold damage immediately?

Anytime water damage has occurred and is not properly dried, it becomes a breeding ground for mold at an alarming rate. Vacation homes in warm areas are notorious for mold damage because they are typically unoccupied for so long and temperatures inside the home can foster that mold spread. A leak or pipe break can happen without anyone knowing, leaving the damage untouched for days.

How does mold spread?

Mold spores can spread through air, water and even animals. Spores are present all around us; however, they are typically not an issue due to the lack of concentration. Remember, the right environment must be present for mold to multiply and thrive. It is a living organism and literally consumes materials, which is why minimizing movement after you discover mold damage is so critical. This includes turning off central heating and air, turning off any fans, and not spraying any products directly onto the mold. Any air flow could push the mold spores into other areas, where they will build more colonies. Spores are constantly being released by their colonies, searching for more food sources so they can thrive.

Why should you hire a professional mold remediation company?

Mold remediation companies, such as West Coast Fire & Water, understand how mold grows and spreads. We take the facts into account and have specific procedures to prevent the damage from entering other areas of your home or business. These procedures include containment, negative air pressure, use of equipment and environmentally friendly products. We also handle any insurance paperwork for the claims process, if applicable, because mold removal can be costly.

Not only can we deal with the mold removal; we may also be able to help with whatever’s causing it. Our goal is to remove existing mold, as well as provide a treatment to prevent the mold from returning. Existing water damage must be handled so your home can be fully restored, mold infestation free and healthy!