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Is mold damage in my San Rafael home covered by insurance?

Mold growing in your home can stem from a wide variety of sources. From leaky pipes and floods to roof disrepair and malfunctioning appliances. Any time that you notice mold growing in your home your first action taken should be to call your local professional mitigation company. If you can locate the source of water feeding the mold turn it off as soon as possible. Next, reach out to your Home’s insurance company.

When an adjuster determines coverage of a mold loss in San Rafael, several contributing factors are taken into consideration. First is severity, it makes sense that the larger the amount of mold there is, the more likely that the issue has been active for an equally long amount of time. This is important as that also gives the homeowner that much time have discovered the mold and source. Addressing mold as soon as possible is key. Otherwise, ‘neglect’ could be determined, and the claim denied.

Another factor is Location, mold growing in a crawlspace that was discovered when regular home repairs were being conducted is more likely to be covered than if the wall below a leaky window in plain sight of a regularly used room has been called in.

Number of times addressed can have a large hand in if your mold claim is going to be covered. If your shower has had a leak and mold grew in your bathroom, you made a claim and the damage was mitigated and repaired, but several months down the road the mold is back, it may raise some eyebrows.  When an insurance company covers your mold loss, they want it to be completely rectified. Not addressing the source of the mold and simply ‘band-aiding’ the situation will likely result in the denial of your claim.

It’s so important when deciding how to handle a mold situation in Marin county, that you reach out to Mold Mitigation Specialists as soon as possible to be sure that everything is handled properly. We at West Coast Fire and Water have a decade of experience working with insurance companies and can assist you through the whole process. From filing a claim to making sure that the agency has all required documentation and readings. A well as assisting you in communication with your agent and understanding your claim. Call West Coast Fire & Water today for all of your mold issues in San Rafael! 415-417-0483.