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The benefits of renters insurance – are you insured?

We take pride in having the ability to serve multiple areas in California, especially during fire season. We don’t wish this sort of disaster on anyone, but being prepared for the possibility will get your routine back on track. You are not alone, although sometimes it feels like no one could possibly understand the struggle of experiencing a fire loss.


Although we did not wish smoke and fire damaged contents on anyone during the Santa Rosa fires, we were happy to assist so many families who utilized renters insurance. This tool can be very helpful, as well as cost effective, in restoring your life while your shelter project is underway. This way, you can pick up the pieces and move forward.


Having a renters insurance policy can minimize the headache that smoke damage has already caused – literally. Smoke and fire damage claims already come with lots of paperwork, insurance inspections, inventory management and emotional turmoil. The average renters insurance policy is $16 a month in California (the cost of about four Starbucks lattes) and most major insurance companies have this option.


Would you like to protect thousands of dollars worth of electronics, furniture, clothing and kitchen necessities with just $16 a month? Or, would you rather take the risk of not having insurance and needing to replace your belongings tomorrow while still paying for your monthly bills, groceries, vehicle and children’s essentials? Murphy’s Law states anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. There’s no need to put yourself at risk of Murphy’s wrath! Call your insurance company and inquire about a renters policy today.