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The Driving Forces Behind Wildfires – Marin County Smoke Damage

Remaining on the lookout for potential fire danger has become a regular routine for Marin County residents. The potential for wildfires increases during the summer months, especially with high temperatures and wind. With more people includes, unfortunately, more opportunities for fires to start, whether by arson or accident.

The string of Bay Area cities such as San Rafael, Sausalito and Corte Madera have a higher population, although there are also unoccupied agricultural areas throughout the county. The wrong combination of weather patterns – wind, low humidity, high temperature – can take out an entire area of residences and businesses.

The Behavior of Wildfires According to Weather

Weather conditions such as wind, temperature, and humidity contribute to fire behavior. Wind is one of the most important factors because it can bring a fresh supply of oxygen to the fire and push the fire toward a new fuel source such as brush, dry grass and trees. Fuels used during a fire retain their heat by absorbing solar radiation. Typically, fuels will ignite faster at high temperatures than at low temperatures. High temperatures also dry out fire starters, which lowers their humidity level. Humidity, the amount of water vapor in the air, affects the moisture level of a fuel. At low humidity levels, fuels become dry and can catch fire more easily and burn more quickly than when humidity levels are high.

Wildfire Prevention Throughout The Year

Talking about the weather can be more than a small talk topic. It can be a community saver! Learning about the different wildfire risks is helpful, especially for summertime activities such as use of a camping stove, camp fires, and in general while enjoying the sunshine. Make yourself aware of your surroundings, as well as predicted weather for a particular day and the ordinances in your community, so you can remain fire safe.

Smoke Damage Repair After a Wildfire

If you have smoke damage in your home after a wildfire, West Coast Fire & Water can help with the cleanup and repairs process. We have performed smoke cleaning services for light to heavy smoke residue; each situation is unique and tailored to your needs. From contents to flat surfaces to use of ozone and air scrubbers, we are ready to help and on standby in case a wildfire affects our area. Your health and safety matters!