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Understanding Fire Sprinkler Systems For Your Sonoma County Business

The necessity and maintenance of a fire sprinkler system as part of your commercial building may not be in the forefront of your mind. However, just like West Coast Fire & Water, it’s nice to know about your resources when you have an emergency! Have you considered how fire sprinkler systems work or what to do if they break or leak?

A commercial fire sprinkler system for your Sonoma County business is very helpful in case of a fire because it protects your building from excessive damage and is a crucial safety measure. Because the system is connected to a water source, water damage can happen more frequently if the system is damaged and/or not being maintained, which will cost you more money and the continued function of your business. Taking care of any issues right away will save you more frustrations.

Contrary to popular belief, fire sprinkler systems are not activated by smoke. Rather, they begin operation once hot air from a fire rises and reaches them. Most sprinkler heads feature a glass bulb filled with a glycerin-based liquid. This liquid expands and breaks when it comes into contact with air heated to between 135 and 165 degrees. The glass then breaks and the sprinkler function is used, putting out the fire.

A few reasons fire sprinkler systems malfunction and leak:

Damaged Sprinkler Heads and Equipment Failure

Bent sprinkler heads or missing elements can cause water to leak through but not activate during a fire. The glycerin bulb may also leak if the sprinkler is damaged, which means the bulb will not contain expandable fluid to break the glass and activate the sprinkler. Sometimes, the sprinkler system may have a manufacturer default or was improperly installed with overtightening.

CorrosionCorrosion, whether it’s due to rust or bacteria, is a very common cause of fire sprinkler systems. Oxygen gets into the piping and reacts with the pipe metal and water, which can prevent the sprinkler from working. Corrosion-resistant piping and water treatment can prevent corrosion from happening, which will save your fire sprinkler system. Regular inspections and a monitoring program will also keep your system and building operations in check.

If you haven’t done it yet, get your commercial fire sprinkler system inspected today for your Sonoma County business – you’ll be glad you did, especially if it saves you money, time and resources.