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The Smoke Damage Experts

We have all seen what fires can do to our community. Either you, your neighbor or someone you know has been affected. Because of the damages we have encountered, dealing with fire damage in Lake and Mendocino Counties is a task we do not take lightly. Helping our neighbors is our purpose, and it can be quite a process. Making your home livable and safe is a top concern.

Restoring your home or business to a livable, functioning condition is a multi-step process. We have years of experience with California wildfires and have streamlined this process so all parties involved can proceed with ease. Smoke damage remediation involves removal of smoke and soot affected items, careful assessment, storage and cleaning of your personal contents, air purification and odor removal, and placing equipment such as air scrubbers and HEPA technology. Smoke permeates materials in your home, including drywall, carpet, furniture and the ducting in your central heating and air. Even after a fire has been completely put out, toxicity builds up the longer smoke sits untouched.

West Coast Fire & Water is familiar with the stress involved in experiencing a fire. There can be a lot of information to digest. Our restoration teams are available every hour of every day so we can help you pick up the pieces right away. We are also familiar with the insurance industry and can help you through that sometimes tedious process. The quicker fire and smoke damage are assessed, the quicker you can get back to rebuilding a better future. It will be okay, West Coast Fire & Water is here!