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Water Damage In Sonoma County


Sometimes, knowing what to look for is helpful when trying to spot water damage in your Sonoma County home. There are lots of historical homes and apartment complexes in this metropolitan area that can fall victim to water damage all year round.

High water bill

Have you noticed your water bill is higher than usual? It could be the season your family is currently experiencing (more laundry due to trips, additional family members, parties), but several hundred dollars or several hundred gallons of water could mean there’s a leak somewhere. Contacting a leak detection company may be in your best interest.

Water stains

Water stains can range in color from gray to yellow, and the stain may be from something else. Either way, it shouldn’t be on your walls. Check for softness around the area as well.

Wrinkled, peeling paint

Have you seen what looks like a ball falling down your wall? How about the paint, is it starting to peel or wrinkle? Unless your interior needs a touch up, paint shouldn’t be suddenly moving or coming off your walls. Time to take a closer look!

Sagging ceilings

This sign of water damage can be extremely scary. Often. It’s a result of damage from the roof or 2nd story and the upstairs looks like it’s about to cave. Getting your furniture moved or protected right away from the sagging bubble is recommended. Of course, only perform this task if you can remain safe.

Mold growth

Mold growth is the ultimate sign of water damage because it means the damage has been ongoing. Mold only needs 24-48 hours to start growing but may take a while to become visible. A warm temperature, darkness and organic materials are also needed, so don’t hesitate to call a mold restoration specialist such as West Coast Fire & Water to get the mold removed.

Warped hardwood floors

Most flooring is not purposely designed this way, but it’s the sign of a bigger issue! We’ve seen it happen a lot near kitchens. Has the dishwasher or refrigerator leaked? Did you accidentally leave on the sink? Are the pipes under the sink leaking? Getting the area properly dried as soon as possible can preserve your flooring.

Sound of rushing water

This sign means a water pipe may have burst! After reading that last sentence, you should ask yourself if you know how to shut off the water to your house in the case of an emergency.

Wet walls

There may be some moisture in the air from using your laundry room or bathroom, or the humidity was particularly high that day. It’s still recommended to check things out; perhaps the extra moisture is due to a sudden presence of water from a leak or flood by the sink, toilet, or refrigerator.

Remember, water damage can happen to anyone, anytime. However, it doesn’t need to control your life. Our water and mold restoration specialists can help right away, and alleviate some pressure, so you can get your home properly restored and back to normal!